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Sunday, July 09, 2006


I was enjoying some wonderful converstion (and delicious wine) with a date the other evening in West Hollywood. (Name withheld in a rare moment of discretion.) The topic arose of promoting oneself in Tinsel Town while maintaining one's integrity. It's something I've wrestled with a lot since plunging (from the small pond) into the big pond. On one level "pitching" and "networking" come easily to me because I'm on medication. That and the fact that I'm naturally very gregarious and social. But behind all of the "Enough of me talking about me...YOU talk about me," are questions that plague me: Am I being dishonest? Am I using this person? Am I narcissistic?

Movies like The Player give the average citizen a glimpse into some of the inner workings (and dysfunctions) of the Hollywood-Military-Industrial Complex. And I think they instill fear and suspicion in many actors, writers, and studio executives. (A great title: Fear and Trolling in Los Angeles...) Everyone wonders if their great idea is going to be absconded with, if the date they are on is really only interested in climbing the ladder (not the one to the bunk bed), and if everyone in this valley is only interested in pimping themselves out like Mariah Carey in Vegas. (Or Celine Dion, take your pick.) I have had these feelings myself. And I've also been on the other end. For example, when meeting and slowly developing a friendship last year in New York with both a prominent commercial casting director and with the lead entertainment attorney for one of "the big three."

I don't necessarily have any answers. But I think it's good, very good, that I am wrestling with the questions. I think it validates the part of me that is true and real. And so that's what I try to focus on, being who I am - which is a naturally gregarious and social mammal who happens to be an actor/writer living in Los Angeles. If "the business" comes up in conversation, I don't lie, manipulate, or coyly insert anything anywhere. I speak openly and honestly. If I want a favor, I request it on top of the table. And, except for the people staring wide-eyed at me standing on top the table in some elegant bistro, I think it works. My friends are my friends and they know I love them. My acquaintances are my acquaintances, and they know I enjoy them. Will this approach work in this town of ultimate poker? I'm not sure. I don't know if it will "get me anywhere;" but I know it will keep me where I really belong.

Consider this: if this woman can strut her stuff (and the junk in her trunk) in the middle of Times Square (as my friend Miguel just informed me) then might I be bold enough to do a little advertising? If a 500 pound woman can upload a photo of some Victoria Secret beauty to her e-harmony profile, then I, too, can do some self-promotion - and truly shamelessly; right? Regardless of opinion, here it comes, the inevitable pitch - I'm tickled to announce the creation of "Shameless Promotions," a new production company I've created with my brilliant comedy partner, Kali Karagias, of Yuckfest Productions. Our latest projects include the development of our NY stage production of Rough Copy for podcasting - I'm calling it "webisodic" tv. (The pic at the top of the post is from our original press material, featuring Kali and I in character as veteran - and insane - journalists, Hibernia Rockaway and Brick Bronson.) We've also launched a number of other comedic videos onto YouTube and are already being very well received. I hope you'll visit, and that you'll laugh a little. (Actually I'm hoping you'll laugh until you pee your pants.) So, get your Depends and cut'n'paste the link to our latest YouTube video, "In Search Of Pussy," into your browser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCECYbEHrGk.


Blogger Kal said...

Whoa! Ive heard of the naked cowboy but the FEMALE naked cowboy in Times Square? I gotta go check this out!

6:00 AM  
Anonymous velvetbabe said...

O you are tres funny!

thankx for coming by my litblog, and next year come up for this?


real agents, playwrights etc.

(you can meet those people I was talking about)

Valentine Bonnaire

12:03 PM  
Anonymous the anonymous critic said...

Keep On Pimping

6:31 PM  

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